It’s a Tuesday morning, Laurent (the founder), and I are busy pouring over feedback from our users, comments on our Qinaps LinkedIn page, and preparing for our first Webinar. Lots of action with many cogs and wheels in motion.

To take you back a couple of months in our journey…

It’s almost 2022 🎁 Looking back at 2021, we thought of making a short video of all the fun moments and features shipped at Qinaps.

Winning the “Start-up of the year award” with your support and votes, a very special achievement.

Try the trip planning template

For the year-end celebrations try out a fun template…

Well, I think that for once writing and note-taking should be simple to use and not a learned skill. Don't we all learn writing from the age of 3 at school. Plain and simple white-board/workbook. Later one may arrange it in a way their brain works such as with links, tags, pages, content within content and so on.. Applications should make our jobs easier and not harder :) isn't that why they are productivity apps?

Nilova Pande

Full-time start-upper at and a mom of 2 (toddler and baby). Follow me here

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