It’s a Tuesday morning, Laurent (the founder), and I are busy pouring over feedback from our users, comments on our Qinaps LinkedIn page, and preparing for our first Webinar. Lots of action with many cogs and wheels in motion.

To take you back a couple of months in our journey, it’s Sep 2020, we are essentially chained to our work desks with health measures enforced, but we had our start-up to bind us together, our labor of pain and passion.

After weeks of mulling over options, we decided to put our heads together and ensure we get accepted into an incubator. Also, did I mention I was 38weeks pregnant,

Fast forward to early Nov 2020, with an 8 weeks old baby, I decided to cut short my preggo break and jump right back into the action :)

We finalized our business plan, financial plans, product roadmaps, investment and scaling up plans, marketing plans, the whole 9 yards. A detailed competition analysis, a value proposition, and our beta test landing page up & running along with email marketing.

We made the presentation and with practice and planning we even brought down our timing from 14 mins to 7 mins. Boy! it was a task to select the content that made the cut and the parts that didn’t, though we loved every bit of the content that we had put together for our pitch after much research and UI modeling.

Cut to the chase on the D-day, everything goes as planned, perfect start, perfect timing, no audio/video glitches, all goes as planned. We had worked so hard for this day, our first pitch and showcase to a group of investors.

It wasn’t as dramatic as the ‘Shark Tank’, nail-biting nevertheless!

It’s been about 4 months since and every win counts; we have our first 200 users with more signing up every day. We are ready to hire our first full-stack developer and build partnerships to scale.

A young unicorn in the making, that’s what I’d like to call Qinaps.

We’ve made it through with lots of herbal tea, remote-work, and some great community support. We have hit the rejig 4 times and released several features derived from valuable user feedback. Life at Qinaps is fun and each day gets better with learning and implementing new features for all of you to experience!

P.S. Did you know that a new survey shows a 47% increase in productivity when working from home — Forbes.

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